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Michal Chabada, Róbert Maco (eds.): Varieties of Naturalism in Contemporary Philosophy

Special Issue of The Philosophical Journal 3/2021, 125 pages

obalka VarietiesOfNaturalism

Naturalism has been at the centre of meta-philosophical debates for quite some time. It dominates in most branches of theoretical philosophy and its influence is increasingly felt in the domain of practical philosophy. Not only adherents of this movement, but also its critics, are already aware that this is not just a fleeting fashion, but a serious attempt to reorientate and redefine the entire philosophical enterprise. The contributions collected in this special issue seek to do justice to this situation and to the multifaceted character of contemporary philosophical naturalism. The diversity of topics covered in the essays, from naturalistically orientated ethics through epistemology and metaphysics to critical reactions to contemporary naturalism, reflects this complexity. The common feature of all contributions is the effort to better understand the current state of philosophy, regardless of whether their authors align with the naturalistic movement or are critical of it.