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Please observe these guidelines when revising proofs:

  1. During the review-process, and in reaction to the comments of evaluators and of the editorial team, you will have submitted a document which is to be considered the official version of your contribution (in the optimal case this will be identical with the original version that was submitted). FČ will not accept the introduction of changes in a different document, nor will it consider drawing instructions or passages from any other documents. All changes must be made to the version of the document that is sent to you by the editorial team.
  2. When working with a paper version, please use ink, and not an ordinary pencil, to indicate revisions or corrections.
  3. Be sure to give your signed consent to publication on the title page of the final proofs.
  4. Be sure to include your resumé in Czech, or preferably in English.
  5. Do please include your affiliation and your e-mail or postal addresses. We need to publish these both in the printed version and on our web-page. You are welcome to also include a brief description of your professional engagement which we will include in our Gallery of Authors (see the menu on this site).

Proofs must be returned to the editors of FČ within seven working days