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Conditions for Accepting Articles

Conditions for Accepting Articles

The Philosophical Journal (Filosofický časopis) is open to a wide range of philosophical views. It welcomes contributions both in its own specific field or from closely related disciplines.

For the review process we accept manuscripts in Czech, Slovak, English, German and French, using the electronic form. Please submit texts to the e-mail address of the journal ( Where possible, please also send two identical printed copies in addition to the text in electronic form, with one margin of at least 3.5 cm in width. The printed copies are to be sent to the address of the editor. The length of the texts, including notes, should not exceed 25 pages. The maximum length may be exceeded only in exceptional cases where a suitable explanation is provided. Bibliographical references in Filosofický časopis should conform with the national norm – authors should make sure to use this system in the first version of their manuscripts. Manuscripts must include a summary, maximum of 1000 characters incl. blanks; the editors will organise its translation into two world languages.

Authors must not submit manuscripts anonymously. More detailed information about the authors and their areas of specialization, the publication of which the authors shall agree to, will be available on the web page of Philosophical Journal:

Conditions for Publishing Manuscripts

The Philosophical Journal is a specialist publication and all contributions must therefore meet the formal and professional criteria it sets. Manuscripts are reviewed anonymously by two or in some cases three experts. On the basis of this independent review, the Editorial Board of the Philosophical Journal decides if and when to publish the article. The journal will inform the author of the reviewers’ judgements as soon as feasible. Manuscripts are not returned unless requested. The final decision on publication lies with the editor-in-chief and publisher of the Philosophical Journal.

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