Filosofický časopis

The Philosophical Journal (Filosofický časopis)

Filosofický časopis is the oldest surviving Czech journal of philosophy, having been issued continuously since 1953. We are a peer-reviewed journal, issued by the Philosophy Institute of the Czech Academy of Science.  The Journal is ranked and cited on the databases of Web of Science, ERIH, Scopus and of  Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory. Our aim is to cover all the central themes in philosophy, as well as to represent the main philosophical traditions that are currently active in the Czech Republic. This plurality of topic and viewpoint means that FČ does not represent any particular doctrinal position or school, but rather seeks to promote philosophy of the highest quality whatever its orientation. The editorial team at FČ ensures the objectivity of its selection process by strictly adhering to the double-blind character of its peer-reviews.

Original articles discussing the fundamental questions of philosophy constitute the main content of FČ. In addition we also publish translations, reviews of new and reissued books, and information about life in the philosophical community. The journal is also particularly proud of its discussion sections which are a forum for Czech philosophers—as well as international participants —to exchange views on the most important contemporary philosophical issues. These sections have been characterised by detailed and civil debate on diverse questions, ranging from purely theoretical problems of ontology, epistemology and philosophical logic to more practical problems arising in applied ethics, philosophy of science and political philosophy. FČ also regularly includes interviews with prominent philosophers, both domestic and international.

appears six times annually, with each issue having about 160 pages. Contributions are published in Czech or Slovak, with resumés in two international languages, one of which is always English. In addition to the six standard issues of the journal, each year sees the publication of at least two special issues. These tend to be in international languages and are to be treated as contributions to international philosophical discussion.

 You will find the institutional affiliation, country and e-mail address of each contributor in the printed version of the journal. This information is also available here under the title "Authors".

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