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Author Guidelines

Authors of manuscripts may not communicate with the editorial office anonymously: we require authors to tell us not only their name, but also their e-mail address and the postal address of their workplace (and also their personal address where correspondence is to be received there). When publishing contributions in the peer-reviewed rubrics, the author’s name, affiliation and contact e-mail are printed.




Aside from exceptionally justified cases, Filosofický časopis does not reprint texts which have already been published (whether they were first published in printed or electronic form). If authors do not inform the editors that their text, or a substantial part of their text, has already been published this could lead to the termination of the review process or to the termination of the process of preparing for publication material that is not liable to the review process. We consider it unethical for an author to seek the printing of their contribution with another publisher(s) in addition to Filosofický časopis.


If the author entering into negotiations with the editors is not the exclusive holder of copyright with regard to the manuscript being offered (for example, where parts of the manuscript are made up of illustrations which involve the copyright of a third party), it is necessary that he/she immediately inform the editors of this fact, and provide the relevant documentation to demonstrate that consent has been given for its use. Authors should provide the editors with information about any grant support to which the article is bound.


Likewise, the submitter of texts which are offered to the editors of Filosofický časopis in a foreign language for translation is required to prove who is the exclusive holder of copyright. The author may do this by means of a signed statement; an intermediary, by means of correspondence with the author.


If it has not been agreed otherwise, the holder of copyright to texts printed in Filosofický časopis is Filosofický ústav AV ČR, v.v.i. In the case of contributions in the peer-reviewed sections of the journal, the details of this copyright will determined by means of individually-signed licence contracts. Articles published in Filosofický časopis―apart from clearly agreed and designated exceptions―must not be reprinted, copied or otherwise circulated without the written consent of the publisher. This consent is usually given gratis, although on the condition that in the new publication there will be information included, in the form of an exact and explicit citation, that the text has been published in Filosofický časopis.

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